Criminal Psychologist Offender Profiling

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A criminal psychologist is also known as an offender profiler and a forensic analyzer. This work is closely related to criminal anthropology. It is the study and analysis of the thoughts, reactions, will, and intentions of a criminal or suspected perpetrator. There are a number of very popular TV shows that have popularized this career, including Criminal Minds and Profiler. These and other TV shows portray the study and analysis of dangerous individual’s minds and the process used to catch them and bring them to justice. This displays only one aspect of this challenging and intriguing career. Forensic analyzers do not typically follow law enforcement on the chase of dangerous individuals. They often never visit the actual crime scene or step foot in the actual feild. They are usually positioned in a office or court room. There are a variety of tasks that are covered under this highly competitive career position. It generally involves individual profiling, data analysis, study, and the application of data.

Criminal Psychologist

Criminal Psychologist

Criminal Psychologist and Forensic Psychology

This field is closely related to forensic psychology. The terms are sometimes used interchangeably to describe similar job titles. Interest in this career has grown greatly in recent years as popular television shows depict the drama and intensity of this type of psychology. These positions are often not as exciting as they are depicted on TV. The actual field activity is different for different positions. For example, professionals may provide court studies or computer analysis of suspects rather than actual on the field, hands on crime analysis of committed crimes. Studies may take months and even years to complete. A considerable amount of time may be spent interviewing and researching the suspect’s life and actions. Competition for the best positions is often challenging. This work creates a bridge between psychology and investigations of crime. This is recognized as one of the fastest growing career opportunities.

What is Criminal Psychology not?

Criminal Psychology

Criminal Psychology

It is not Silence of the Lambs. This was a movie that depicted a mass murderer and the forensics study that was used to help catch and bring the criminal to justice. It is not typically the career demonstrated on Criminal Minds. It is not an easy to achieve career. It takes years of study and it may require a Doctorate in Philosophy or a Doctorate of Psychology. It is not a high paying, luxurious position seated in a posh office. It is not a simple four year degree. It includes years of study and application in a highly competitive arena. The average salary ranges from $33,000.00 to $103,000.00. It is not police work. Many individuals never leave the desk to go out to the field. Instead, they do their analysis from data collections and photos. It is not a relaxing position. It is often considered a stressful, intense position.

Is this the Right Career for you?

One of the best ways to determine this is to talk to an individual with an actual career in criminal psychology. You will need to weigh your personal interests with the weight of this position. This field is often intense, stressful, and hard work. It requires looking at crime scene photos of intense crime scenes. The horrifying crimes connected to the analysis requests are intense and stressful. The path to luxury and high pay is not simply laid out with the degree. The pay is not excessively high. You can contact the local law enforcement in your area to connect with individuals with insight into the positions offered and the salaries provided. This may be the career for you if you thrive on intense studies, and if you are thrilled by the connection between crime and the study of the criminal. This is a rewarding position as it works to stop repetitive crimes. The individuals who focus on this career find it rewarding to give back into society and to create a measure of safety for the community and nation.

The study of a perpetrator’s mind, will, and behaviors is known as offender profiling. This often creates a bridge to solving crimes and bringing justice. There are positions available for this career in local, state, and federal government. There are also many self-employment opportunities. This career requires a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Most students’ then complete an undergraduate course and receive their master’s degree psychology. The competition on the master’s level is very competitive and a PH D or doctorate is recommended. This career is often highly competitive. No matter which degree is sought, this education requires an average of five years to complete. Studies include classroom work, research, practical training, and a dissertation. In order to receive your license you must complete an internship and pass the state examination. A criminal psychologist bridges the gap between offender profiling and crime solving.